The Big Announcement… Date, Location

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The Big Chicken

Image by WadeB via Flickr

We promised it yesterday, and announced it shortly after that on our FaceBook Page… and we even loaded the info up on the sidebar here. We have secured the date and venue for rebcAtlanta 2011. 

This year’s rebarcamp event will be on Friday, October 28th, 2011 at the Mansour Center in Marietta, GA, from 9:00am until 5:00pm with a suitable break for lunch.  And speaking of lunch, the Big Chicken is within walking distance…  That’s right, THE Big Chicken.  World Famous.

Just like last year, we won’t know exactly what is going to happen until YOU start telling us what you want to talk about.  The topics will be wide ranging and real estate related.  This year, though, we will be setting up a few sessions.  They will be voted on here and on our FaceBook Page, so there are still discoveries to be made.

But that’s not all…  Unlike last year, there is plenty of free parking.  There are also several restaurants around the venue.  Speaking of the venue… it is newer and bigger than last year’s host.  All of these things together should make this year’s event absolutely rock.

Tickets are available here.  But don’t wait too long…  We are running an early bird special, and it won’t last.  And as always, stay tuned for more details…  They’ll be here and on FaceBook.  they might even show up on Twitter.

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Are You Ready for rebcATL 2011?

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Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

We aren’t… but we are working on it.  there should be an announcement soon giving the date.  We have just finished finalizing the sponsorship packages, and are just nailing down a few details with the venue.

This years event will be in late October, and it is going to be a BLAST.  In addition to the new venue, in a new area, there are loads of new technologies to talk about, as well as lots of changes in the real estate business.  And for rebc, nothing is off-limits.

We won’t know what all of the sessions are until the morning of the event, but we will have some ideas.  Since last year, mobile technologies have made a huge leap forward.  iPads were almost impossible to find, there were no Android Tablets and QR codes were all of the rage… and just hitting the collective conscience of the real estate profession.


Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Here we are a year later, iPads are in their second generation, there are several competitors, EVERYONE knows what an app is, QR codes are old hat… and hardly a rage and short sales are actually starting to take less than 6 months.

Obviously, there are lots of things to discuss in the real estate world… and they aren’t all about technology.

Stay tuned.

BTW, early birds will do better than getting a worm… they will get the best rate on tickets.


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The Future of REbarCamps…

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Half Baked session. REBarCamp Seattle
Image by brad.coy via Flickr

Rob Hahn, the Notorious R O B, had an interesting blog post about where the rebarcamp experience has gone… from where it started.

I was lucky enough to make it to the first real estate bar camp (rebc), in San Francisco, in 2008.  It was a really cool experience.  The thing that most struck me about the event was that it was built on and based in sharing.  It was completely peer-to-peer. There were no PowerPoint presentations, no scheduled presenters, no vendor alleys.

Since then, I have been to a few rebc events in different markets.  I’ve even been involved in organizing one.  And I have seen a variety of events, from the fairly heavily commercialized, to the zero presentation model.

The issue that Rob pointed out was that many rebc events had morphed into a “Social Media 101” or “Tech 101” class format.  One presenter (likely with a PowerPoint presentation) would lecture the rest of the attendees on the subject du jour.  It wasn’t about peer-to-peer interaction, but rather, it became about a more traditional class experience… with a free lunch and free T-shirt.

Rich Jacobson does lunch at REBarCamp Seattle
Image by brad.coy via Flickr

What is the solution? So many real estate professionals (real estate agents and mortgage brokers) seem to need that entry level instruction from folks that aren’t necessarily product vendors.  At the same time, those of us that have been involved in social media and technology for a while now REALLY need to get feedback and interaction at a different level.  We are actually pretty left out…

Advanced technology and social media discussion and training is pretty tough to find… or an arm and a leg… or completely “vendor targeted” (use our system, blah, blah, blah).

So, what’s next?

Future Of REBCs on

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The October rebcATL Newsletter is ‘In The Mail’…

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A giant QR Code linking to a website, to be re...

Image via Wikipedia

Yep… we hit the button and pushed it out the door… virtually.

If you haven’t signed up already, you can do that here.  Be sure to check out the October issue here.

The subject for the October Newsletter was QR codes. These are some pretty cool little pictures and they will be everywhere before too long.

If you don’t know what they are, take a look.  If you know what they are, but you are wondering how you can use them… take a look.  If you are looking for a cool deal from one of our great sponsors (you can guess this, right?) take a look.

Sign up and get all of the latest updates on rebcATL 2011.

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Lane Screwed Up!

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Can you imagine having 250 T-shirts printed with one of the sponsors names misspelled?  I can…  I did it.  Despite having their logo on my computer and in front of me… and despite typing their website into my browser to create a QR code, I screwed up and put the wrong name on the event T-shirts.

And the Winners are:

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We had 5 lucky folks that left reBarCamp Atlanta with more than just the knowledge they gained and the swag bag with a T-shirt.
Tammie Carpenter won a free photo blog and six months hosting from the guys at Dakno. That is about a $730 package!
Mike Lyles was the lucky winner of a free Posterous Customization package worth $250 from Dakno.
And Lisa Lassiter drove home to North Carolina dreaming of the 3 month AllAccess Training package from Dakno, worth $150!
Keisha Woodbine should be able to locate any property she needs with a new Insignia Internet Connected GPS unit.
Finally, Anthony Martin will be rocking his home inspections with a New
Kodak play>sport digital video camera and an 8GB memory card.

Ken grabbed this video with his phone.

Here’s the Drill…

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Thrashers vs. Sabres
Image by davidkosmos via Flickr

OK, we have a little better idea of the schedule tomorrow for Atlanta’s first real estate barcamp.

8:45-9:15 – Registration Check-In/Social – As everyone arrives, there is a chance to catch up with folks while getting ready for everything to get cranking… Read more

Later This Evening…

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Image by lane.bailey via Flickr

After the Pre-Party event tonight (Thursday, Sept 30th), we will be looking at the schedule for tomorrow and posting up a little more information about how things will run for the event.

Feel free to drop into Spring4th Center this evening from 6-9 to say hi.  We’ll be there mixing it up with anyone that wants to hang out for a little while, as well as getting things set up for tomorrow morning. Read more


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There WILL be prizes

With a little bit of the budget, we had the opportunity to do a little tech shopping today.  And there were a couple of cool bargains that just seemed to dive in the van for the trip home.

First, we have a Kodak play>sport digital camcorder.  It is waterproof to 10′, shoots 1080p video, and accepts a SD card (which is why I had to buy one!).  The battery is removable and rechargeable, so you can get a spare battery and have it ready to go…

And the other cool toy is an Insignia 4.3″ GPS unit.  This little bugger can be connected to the internet, enabling it to get live traffic, do Google searches (based on location) and even Tweet your location and destination if you want it to… Read more

And there will be Partying, too…

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Image by lane.bailey via Flickr

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a “Pre-Event Meet-up/Party/Set-up” at the event venue on Thursday evening, 30th September, 2010.  It will run from about 6-9pm.  We might even run down to the WORLD FAMOUS Varsity for a dog and a Coke. Read more

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