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rebarcampAtlanta was only one week ago… and we are already looking at the calendar to schedule next year’s event.  Of course, there are a lot of weeks between now and then, but the date we are looking at right now to hold rebcATL2012 is…

October 18th, 2012

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We have a lot of work to complete between now and then, including securing a venue and finding sponsors, as well as getting tickets out to the right people.  There are also a lot of decisions to be made between now and then, including whether there will be as many free tickets as we’ve had available the last two years (well over half of the free ticketholders didn’t make it to the event… that makes it VERY tough to plan, as well as more expensive for our sponsors).

We have already started the conversation about what went well and what could be improved for next year.  Nothing is off the table as far as what we could do to make the event better for the participants.

We would really love your input (whether you were a participant this year… or even if you got a ticket and then skipped the event, let us know why).  That is how we can make each event better than the last.

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