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Kathleen Bonham and Brad Andersohn

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I know… you’re bummed that you missed out on the free tickets… but think about it for a minute.  How many amp’d up technology conferences can you go to for $10?  I’m not talking about “teasers” where a vendor comes in and pretends to talk about how to dominate the market… when what they really mean is dominate the market if you buy my product for $999/year… and then get REALLY lucky.  I’m talking about a no-punches pulled, knock-down, drag-out technology conference that leaves you with a head full full of amazing ideas.

Let’s see…

I haven’t been to Agent reBoot, but I have been to Inman Connect in San Francisco.  In fact, the very first rebarcamp was held the day before Connect.  I got more from 6 hours at rebc than I did the next couple of days of Connect.  And I got a LOT out of Connect.  REtechSouth is an AMAZING event… I’ve been every year, and I will do everything I can to keep going every year.



Image by mike912mueller via Flickr

But the thing that is different about rebarcamp is that YOU get to drive the agenda.  We will seed the morning with a few pre-planned sessions, but the rest of the day will be sessions that are decided by, and even moderated by attendees.  And those sessions could range from better ways to handle short sales to better ways to convert readers to buyers and sellers on your website.

So, that $10 isn’t looking so bad anymore, is it?  Don’t wait, because the ticket price will be going up again before you know it…


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