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We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of those that made rebarcamp Atlanta happen today.

  • Without sponsors, there would be no venue.
  • Without attendees, there would be no sponsors.
  • Without topic leaders, there would be nothing for the attendees to do.
  • Without volunteers, there would be no rebarcamp.

Thank you to our generous and COOL sponsors. 

  • America Home Key Mortgages.  They stepped up as out first sponsor.  Click on their banner and learn more about them as a way to say thank you.  If you need help getting one of your buyers financed, give AHK and Ken Cook a call.
  • Atlanta Real Estate Forum.  Carol Flammer is the power behind Atlanta Real Estate Forum.  She has been a HUGE supporter of rebarcampAtlanta since the beginning.  In addition to one of the most powerful platforms for builders and new home agents to get information out to home buyers, she also has a tremendous marketing company.  Click on their logo to learn more.
  • Xplode Atlanta.  It is coming to Atlanta on December 1st.  Fast paced and business focused.  Matt Fagioli, one of the creators of REtechSouth is the push behind the Xplode series of conferences around the country.  Matt and Lane were at the very first rebarcamp ever in San Francisco, and Matt has supported rebcATL from Day 1.  If you don’t Xplode, you’ll just sit there.

And our volunteer sponsors made it happen…

  • Carol Flammer (again) of AREF and Flammer Relations worked the registration desk and helped get everyone checked in all morning.
  • Patty Keller of AnotherMe was at the desk, but was also very involved behind the scenes handling many of the day to day tasks to make the event happen.
  • Tonya Cash stepped away from her duties with Atlanta Marketing Concepts to help behind the scenes as well as handle the check-in area all afternoon.
  • Ken Cook from America Home Key was all over the place.  In addition to helping the hard core Geeks, Ken was along for just about every step of the ride.  He hosted planning sessions and kept them moving.  He leveraged his contacts.  Whether he admits it or not, rebcATL wouldn’t have happened without Ken’s hard work.
  • Randy Barnes, the EZ Video Guy did the cool video showing how to get to the venue.  He moderated topics all day.  He provided candy and comic relief (the Donald Trump costume was great…).  He also has an amazing set of contacts that he goes to.
  • There are NUMEROUS others that helped behind the scenes, fostered discussions, provided great ideas and moral support.  Without each and every one of them, the event just couldn’t happen.

I would like to extend my thanks to ALL of the folks that made rebarcamp Atlanta 2011 happen… and I don’t want to forget the attendees.  Without them, everything else is pointless.


Thank you!

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