The Big Announcement… Date, Location

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The Big Chicken

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We promised it yesterday, and announced it shortly after that on our FaceBook Page… and we even loaded the info up on the sidebar here. We have secured the date and venue for rebcAtlanta 2011. 

This year’s rebarcamp event will be on Friday, October 28th, 2011 at the Mansour Center in Marietta, GA, from 9:00am until 5:00pm with a suitable break for lunch.  And speaking of lunch, the Big Chicken is within walking distance…  That’s right, THE Big Chicken.  World Famous.

Just like last year, we won’t know exactly what is going to happen until YOU start telling us what you want to talk about.  The topics will be wide ranging and real estate related.  This year, though, we will be setting up a few sessions.  They will be voted on here and on our FaceBook Page, so there are still discoveries to be made.

But that’s not all…  Unlike last year, there is plenty of free parking.  There are also several restaurants around the venue.  Speaking of the venue… it is newer and bigger than last year’s host.  All of these things together should make this year’s event absolutely rock.

Tickets are available here.  But don’t wait too long…  We are running an early bird special, and it won’t last.  And as always, stay tuned for more details…  They’ll be here and on FaceBook.  they might even show up on Twitter.

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