Are You Ready for rebcATL 2011?

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We aren’t… but we are working on it.  there should be an announcement soon giving the date.  We have just finished finalizing the sponsorship packages, and are just nailing down a few details with the venue.

This years event will be in late October, and it is going to be a BLAST.  In addition to the new venue, in a new area, there are loads of new technologies to talk about, as well as lots of changes in the real estate business.  And for rebc, nothing is off-limits.

We won’t know what all of the sessions are until the morning of the event, but we will have some ideas.  Since last year, mobile technologies have made a huge leap forward.  iPads were almost impossible to find, there were no Android Tablets and QR codes were all of the rage… and just hitting the collective conscience of the real estate profession.


Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

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Here we are a year later, iPads are in their second generation, there are several competitors, EVERYONE knows what an app is, QR codes are old hat… and hardly a rage and short sales are actually starting to take less than 6 months.

Obviously, there are lots of things to discuss in the real estate world… and they aren’t all about technology.

Stay tuned.

BTW, early birds will do better than getting a worm… they will get the best rate on tickets.


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The October rebcATL Newsletter is ‘In The Mail’…

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Yep… we hit the button and pushed it out the door… virtually.

If you haven’t signed up already, you can do that here.  Be sure to check out the October issue here.

The subject for the October Newsletter was QR codes. These are some pretty cool little pictures and they will be everywhere before too long.

If you don’t know what they are, take a look.  If you know what they are, but you are wondering how you can use them… take a look.  If you are looking for a cool deal from one of our great sponsors (you can guess this, right?) take a look.

Sign up and get all of the latest updates on rebcATL 2011.

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