Thank you all!

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We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of those that made rebarcamp Atlanta happen today.

  • Without sponsors, there would be no venue.
  • Without attendees, there would be no sponsors.
  • Without topic leaders, there would be nothing for the attendees to do.
  • Without volunteers, there would be no rebarcamp.

Thank you to our generous and COOL sponsors. 

  • America Home Key Mortgages.  They stepped up as out first sponsor.  Click on their banner and learn more about them as a way to say thank you.  If you need help getting one of your buyers financed, give AHK and Ken Cook a call.
  • Atlanta Real Estate Forum.  Carol Flammer is the power behind Atlanta Real Estate Forum.  She has been a HUGE supporter of rebarcampAtlanta since the beginning.  In addition to one of the most powerful platforms for builders and new home agents to get information out to home buyers, she also has a tremendous marketing company.  Click on their logo to learn more.
  • Xplode Atlanta.  It is coming to Atlanta on December 1st.  Fast paced and business focused.  Matt Fagioli, one of the creators of REtechSouth is the push behind the Xplode series of conferences around the country.  Matt and Lane were at the very first rebarcamp ever in San Francisco, and Matt has supported rebcATL from Day 1.  If you don’t Xplode, you’ll just sit there.

And our volunteer sponsors made it happen…

  • Carol Flammer (again) of AREF and Flammer Relations worked the registration desk and helped get everyone checked in all morning.
  • Patty Keller of AnotherMe was at the desk, but was also very involved behind the scenes handling many of the day to day tasks to make the event happen.
  • Tonya Cash stepped away from her duties with Atlanta Marketing Concepts to help behind the scenes as well as handle the check-in area all afternoon.
  • Ken Cook from America Home Key was all over the place.  In addition to helping the hard core Geeks, Ken was along for just about every step of the ride.  He hosted planning sessions and kept them moving.  He leveraged his contacts.  Whether he admits it or not, rebcATL wouldn’t have happened without Ken’s hard work.
  • Randy Barnes, the EZ Video Guy did the cool video showing how to get to the venue.  He moderated topics all day.  He provided candy and comic relief (the Donald Trump costume was great…).  He also has an amazing set of contacts that he goes to.
  • There are NUMEROUS others that helped behind the scenes, fostered discussions, provided great ideas and moral support.  Without each and every one of them, the event just couldn’t happen.

I would like to extend my thanks to ALL of the folks that made rebarcamp Atlanta 2011 happen… and I don’t want to forget the attendees.  Without them, everything else is pointless.


Thank you!

rebarcampAtlanta 2011 is in JUST 4 Days!

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Don’t forget, rebarcampAtlanta 2011 is in just 4 days!  We are working to make this event even better than last year.

We wanted to pass along a few reminders and a little about scheduling…

  • Registration will open at 8:30am on Friday
  • Opening remarks and a call for topics will run from about 9:00am until about 9:20.
  • Topic sessions should start at about 9:30.  We will have the first round of sessions pre-set.  (We’ll be voting on the first round here).
  • Each topic session will last about 50 minutes, with a 10 minute break between.
  • Lunch will be from about 12:20 until 2:00.  There are several places to eat VERY close to The Mansour Center… there will be maps.  And if your company would like to advertise on the maps, we have spaces available.
  • The afternoon topic sessions will kick off at 2:00.
  • There will be a short wrap-up at about 4:50


Sponsorship rock

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There are still tickets available.  Until Wednesday evening, they are only $17.50.  After that, Late Registration will be available at the event for $25 (sorry, but we won’t be able to take credit card payments on site… we can take cash or checks at the event).  There will be late registration tickets on the site after the regular tickets go off sale up until about the beginning of the event on Friday.  They will be $26.61 to help cover EventBrite Fees.


As with most rebarcamps, we are actively looking for volunteers to lead topic sessions.  You DON’T have to be “the expert” in order to lead a session.  Rather, you can be a moderator/facilitator/curious sort and get the whole group involved.

There are also some sponsorship spots still open.  email if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.  More sponsorship information is also available on out Sponsorship Page.


We can’t wait to see you!

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Get your FREE rebcATL2011 Ticket

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Atlanta cityscape

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A couple of weeks ago we announced the date and venue for the 2011 rebarcamp Atlanta.  We also put tickets on EventBrite.  Today we added a ticket box to this website.  So now you don’t even have to go over to EventBrite to get tickets.  Just click the ‘tickets’ link at the top of the page.  It will take you to the ticket box.

There is a limit on how many tickets we’ll give away for free… and then the price goes to $10 (that is the Almost Early Bird rate).  So, get your FREE ticket before September 1st, or before we run out of the free ones.  After September 30th, ticket prices go up to $17.50, if there are still any slots available.  We will also offer late registration at a higher price if there are any spaces available.

After you get your ticket, share that you are coming on our FaceBook Page.  Tell us what you’d like to talk about, learn or share at this year’s rebcATL.

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Are You Ready for rebcATL 2011?

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Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

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We aren’t… but we are working on it.  there should be an announcement soon giving the date.  We have just finished finalizing the sponsorship packages, and are just nailing down a few details with the venue.

This years event will be in late October, and it is going to be a BLAST.  In addition to the new venue, in a new area, there are loads of new technologies to talk about, as well as lots of changes in the real estate business.  And for rebc, nothing is off-limits.

We won’t know what all of the sessions are until the morning of the event, but we will have some ideas.  Since last year, mobile technologies have made a huge leap forward.  iPads were almost impossible to find, there were no Android Tablets and QR codes were all of the rage… and just hitting the collective conscience of the real estate profession.


Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Here we are a year later, iPads are in their second generation, there are several competitors, EVERYONE knows what an app is, QR codes are old hat… and hardly a rage and short sales are actually starting to take less than 6 months.

Obviously, there are lots of things to discuss in the real estate world… and they aren’t all about technology.

Stay tuned.

BTW, early birds will do better than getting a worm… they will get the best rate on tickets.


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Lane Screwed Up!

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Can you imagine having 250 T-shirts printed with one of the sponsors names misspelled?  I can…  I did it.  Despite having their logo on my computer and in front of me… and despite typing their website into my browser to create a QR code, I screwed up and put the wrong name on the event T-shirts.


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There WILL be prizes

With a little bit of the budget, we had the opportunity to do a little tech shopping today.  And there were a couple of cool bargains that just seemed to dive in the van for the trip home.

First, we have a Kodak play>sport digital camcorder.  It is waterproof to 10′, shoots 1080p video, and accepts a SD card (which is why I had to buy one!).  The battery is removable and rechargeable, so you can get a spare battery and have it ready to go…

And the other cool toy is an Insignia 4.3″ GPS unit.  This little bugger can be connected to the internet, enabling it to get live traffic, do Google searches (based on location) and even Tweet your location and destination if you want it to… Read more

YES, we are still accepting sponsors…

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Shot by The Daredevil at Daytona during Speedw...
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But, T-shirts have to be ordered by Tuesday, September 21st, 2010… so we can’t get you on the T-shirt unless we know by NOON Tuesday.

However, since we are a creative bunch, we are constantly dreaming up new ways for our sponsors to promote their companies to rebarcamp attendees, without making it sound like a NASCAR Trophy ceremony (“The #2 Miller Lite, FaceBook, Twitter Dodge ran exceptionally well today.  the Goodyear tires were sticking like Gorilla Glue.  The Foursquare, SVNGR crew was incredibly fast in the pits, too.  I’d love to thank my sponsors, PayPal and EventBrite, as well as WordPessfor helping to field this great car” – take a big swig of Social Kool-Aid)… Read more

Let’s talk about Al…

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Angela is a friend of mine.  She was one of my older son’s pre-K teachers, and he has visited her home to play with her sons.  She is a warm and caring person, as teachers usually are, and has three wonderful sons.

Al Real, 2007

Al, 2007

Her middle son, Alfred (everyone calls him Al), was involved in a terrible accident while playing with a friend back on June 7th.  The result was that he received 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body. As a parent, that is one of my worst nightmares.  Having your 8 year old son seriously injured and on the verge of death, with permanent scaring being the best case scenario, can only be described as devastating.

Gwinnett Fire Department Station 2 responded to the 911 call, and Al was rushed to Grady’s Burn Unit.  Widely regarded as one of the best trauma units in the Southeast, his injuries were more than they could handle.  He had to be flown to Cincinnati to the Shiner’s Childrens’ Burn Unit, which is one of the best pediatric burn centers in the world. Read more

Sponsorship Packages Announced

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Interested in sponsoring Atlanta’s very first rebarcamp?  We can help.  We have just rolled out the packages for sponsors for Atlanta’s first rebarcamp.  We have sponsorship levels for almost every type of company and individual.

Remember, these events are free for participants, and we count on the generosity of our sponsors to make it happen.  Our goal is to provide a quality event for participants AND for sponsors…  We are building a win/win.

Contact the team with any questions about how you can get your company involved and visible.