Can You Believe It?

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rebarcampAtlanta was only one week ago… and we are already looking at the calendar to schedule next year’s event.  Of course, there are a lot of weeks between now and then, but the date we are looking at right now to hold rebcATL2012 is…

October 18th, 2012

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We have a lot of work to complete between now and then, including securing a venue and finding sponsors, as well as getting tickets out to the right people.  There are also a lot of decisions to be made between now and then, including whether there will be as many free tickets as we’ve had available the last two years (well over half of the free ticketholders didn’t make it to the event… that makes it VERY tough to plan, as well as more expensive for our sponsors).

We have already started the conversation about what went well and what could be improved for next year.  Nothing is off the table as far as what we could do to make the event better for the participants.

We would really love your input (whether you were a participant this year… or even if you got a ticket and then skipped the event, let us know why).  That is how we can make each event better than the last.

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Last Day to Get Tickets Before the Price Goes Up…

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Late Registration starts at Midnight tonight (October 26th, 2011).  Until then, tickets are only $17.50.  After Midnight, the price goes up to $25.  There will be onsite registration available for $25 as well…

Don’t miss it, rebarcamp Atlanta 2011 is going to be a blast!

rebarcampAtlanta 2011 is in JUST 4 Days!

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Don’t forget, rebarcampAtlanta 2011 is in just 4 days!  We are working to make this event even better than last year.

We wanted to pass along a few reminders and a little about scheduling…

  • Registration will open at 8:30am on Friday
  • Opening remarks and a call for topics will run from about 9:00am until about 9:20.
  • Topic sessions should start at about 9:30.  We will have the first round of sessions pre-set.  (We’ll be voting on the first round here).
  • Each topic session will last about 50 minutes, with a 10 minute break between.
  • Lunch will be from about 12:20 until 2:00.  There are several places to eat VERY close to The Mansour Center… there will be maps.  And if your company would like to advertise on the maps, we have spaces available.
  • The afternoon topic sessions will kick off at 2:00.
  • There will be a short wrap-up at about 4:50


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There are still tickets available.  Until Wednesday evening, they are only $17.50.  After that, Late Registration will be available at the event for $25 (sorry, but we won’t be able to take credit card payments on site… we can take cash or checks at the event).  There will be late registration tickets on the site after the regular tickets go off sale up until about the beginning of the event on Friday.  They will be $26.61 to help cover EventBrite Fees.


As with most rebarcamps, we are actively looking for volunteers to lead topic sessions.  You DON’T have to be “the expert” in order to lead a session.  Rather, you can be a moderator/facilitator/curious sort and get the whole group involved.

There are also some sponsorship spots still open.  email if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.  More sponsorship information is also available on out Sponsorship Page.


We can’t wait to see you!

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Don’t Let It Get Away…

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rebcATL is starting in just over a week.  And the regular tickets will only be available until next Wednesday.  After that, only Late Registration will be allowed.  Granted, at only $25 for late registration, it isn’t as bad as some other conferences… but that extra few bucks could buy lunch.

We are going to have a BLAST!  In the next few days we will be putting together the first round of sessions… but after that, it will be WIDE OPEN.  Any and every real estate related topic will be up for grabs.  We can talk about technology, short sales, FaceBook, foreclosures, Twitter and guerrilla marketing.  The only limit is YOUR imagination.

If you don’t already have your tickets, get over to the ticket page before you forget…

And if you are interested in sponsoring… we can work that out, too.

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rebcATL2011 Tickets are ONLY $10

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Kathleen Bonham and Brad Andersohn

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I know… you’re bummed that you missed out on the free tickets… but think about it for a minute.  How many amp’d up technology conferences can you go to for $10?  I’m not talking about “teasers” where a vendor comes in and pretends to talk about how to dominate the market… when what they really mean is dominate the market if you buy my product for $999/year… and then get REALLY lucky.  I’m talking about a no-punches pulled, knock-down, drag-out technology conference that leaves you with a head full full of amazing ideas.

Let’s see…

I haven’t been to Agent reBoot, but I have been to Inman Connect in San Francisco.  In fact, the very first rebarcamp was held the day before Connect.  I got more from 6 hours at rebc than I did the next couple of days of Connect.  And I got a LOT out of Connect.  REtechSouth is an AMAZING event… I’ve been every year, and I will do everything I can to keep going every year.



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But the thing that is different about rebarcamp is that YOU get to drive the agenda.  We will seed the morning with a few pre-planned sessions, but the rest of the day will be sessions that are decided by, and even moderated by attendees.  And those sessions could range from better ways to handle short sales to better ways to convert readers to buyers and sellers on your website.

So, that $10 isn’t looking so bad anymore, is it?  Don’t wait, because the ticket price will be going up again before you know it…


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Don’t Miss Your Free Ticket…

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From the time this posted (a little after 11:00pm on Wednesday, August 31st), there is less than 25 hours to the Free Ticket deadline…

After that, the tickets will still be an awesome deal at $10… but that won’t last, either.  In a few weeks prices go up to $17.50.  Late registration will be $25.

Of course, rebarcamps are a deal at almost any price.


See you there.

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