Lane Screwed Up!

October 18, 2010 by  
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Can you imagine having 250 T-shirts printed with one of the sponsors names misspelled?  I can…  I did it.  Despite having their logo on my computer and in front of me… and despite typing their website into my browser to create a QR code, I screwed up and put the wrong name on the event T-shirts.

Did you get your ticket yet?


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  1. randy barnes on Tue, 19th Oct 2010 2:30 pm 

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I received a google alert about this post. I have an alert on my name which alerted me. In case you didnt get the idea at barcamp or elsewhere you should set a google alert on your name, and perhaps other words and terms as well. (If I had kids I’d be big brother for sure;-)

    NOte: if somebody misspells your name the alert will probably not work!

    The misspelling is very regretable and i know we’ll work hard to make it up to Scott and Tara who are true mortgage aces.

    Big thanks to them and every sponsor that made the event a great experience.

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